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48" PVC Wet
Tee-Base PVC
PVC MH insert (rehabilitation)
PVC Wet Well #1 (60in)
PVC Wet Well #2 (60in)
PVC MH (60in)
PVC MH (54in)
PVC MH (48in) w/ Concentric Cone
PVC MH (48in) w/ Eccentric Flat
PVC MH (48in) w/ Concentric Flat


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PVC MH - Installation and Testing Field Report - (Bowman Consulting)
PVC MH - Installation

Specifications & Submittals

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PVC MH – Predl Bell & Vertex Compression
PVC Wet Well System (Dec 2018) - Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Wet Well
Sample New Product
PVC MH - Specifications (Jan 2019)
PVC MH - Tee-Base Specifications (June 2018)

Test Reports

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PVC Saddle Tee MH Vacuum Test to ASTM C1244 (Metro Testing)
PVC MH FRP Material Testing (Ramtech Laboratories)
PVC MH H-20 Load Test to ASTM D3753 (Metro Testing)
PVC MH Vacuum Test to ASTM C1244 (Metro Testing)

Technical References

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PVC MH - Design Calculations for 60" PVC MH
PVC MH - Design Calculations for 48" PVC MH
PVC MH - Precast Concrete Component Strength & Design Check (APOC Engineering)
PVC MH - Static Stability Under Partial Excavation (Bowman Consulting)
PVC MH - PVC Riser Safe For Use with Thermal Expansion & Contraction (Bowman Consulting)
PVC MH - PVC Riser Buoyancy Calculation (Bowman Consulting)
PVC MH - PVC Riser Buckling Calculation with Temperature Derating Consideration (Bowman Consulting)
PVC MH - Technical Memo for Pima County (Bowman Consulting)
Comparison of Deformation Safety Indexes - 48in vs

Pipe Data

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Use of Diamond Plastics PVC Pipe as Manhole
Diamond Plastics Trans-21 Pressure


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PVC MH - Installation