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Here you are going to find the documentations about our pvc manhole.


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48" PVC Wet
Tee-Base PVC
PVC MH insert (rehabilitation)
PVC Wet Well #1 (60in)
PVC Wet Well #2 (60in)
PVC MH (60in)
PVC MH (54in)
PVC MH (48in)w/ concentric cone
PVC MH (48in)w/ eccentric flat
PVC MH (48in)w/ concentric flat

Installation Guides

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PVC MH Installation


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PVC WetWell System (Dec 2018)Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) WetWell
PVC MH specifications (Jan 2019)
Tee-Base PVC MH specifications (June 2018)

Test Reports

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PVC MH Vacuum Testing 42" (Metro Testing)
FRP Material Test Report (Ramtech Laboratories)
PVC MH Load Testing (Metro Testing)
PVC MH Vacuum Testing 48" (Metro Testing)

Technical Reference

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Predl Bell & Compression Gasket to PVC
Sample New Product
PVC MH - Temperature derating
Technical Memo - Suitability for use in collection
Use of Diamond Plastics PVC pipe as manhole
Comparison of deformation safety indexes - 48in vs

Pipe Data Sheet

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Diamond Plastics Trans-21 Pressure


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Predl PVC Manhole Installation