Predl Hybrid PVC Manhole

PVC pipe meets lined precast concrete:
The corrosion-resistant manhole system 2.0

For the past 30 years, Predl Systems delivered dependable corrosion-resistant thermoplastic manhole lining solutions with 100-year design life for the wastewater industry, using its signature fibreglass reinforced manhole inserts.

From 2003, Predl Systems installed several hybrid PVC manhole systems, combining PVC pipe risers with lined precast concrete. The new hybrid PVC manhole system is the culmination of years of development into a simple, cost effective, modular design, meeting all structural and corrosion resistance requirements for use in municipal sewer systems throughout North America.

Predl Systems is proud to offer an industry-leading 50-years of warranty on hybrid PVC manhole systems for increased ROI and ultimate peace of mind.



Doc NameSummaryPdfDocDwg
48" PVC Wet
Tee-Base PVC
PVC MH insert (rehabilitation)
PVC Wet Well #1 (60in)
PVC Wet Well #2 (60in)
PVC MH (60in)
PVC MH (54in)
PVC MH (48in) w/ Concentric Cone
PVC MH (48in) w/ Eccentric Flat
PVC MH (48in) w/ Concentric Flat

Installation Guides

Doc NameSummaryPdfDocDwg
PVC MH - Installation and Testing Field Report - (Bowman Consulting)
PVC MH - Installation


Doc NameSummaryPdfDocDwg
AIC Letter - Predl
Flexible Rehabilitation Liner System for Concrete Manholes and Wet
PVC MH – Predl Bell & Vertex Compression
PVC Wet Well System (Dec 2018) - Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Wet Well
Sample New Product
PVC MH - Specifications (Jan 2019)
PVC MH - Tee-Base Specifications (June 2018)